The hotel is located right in the centre of all the main attractions in Salzburg. Mozart’s residence is just across the hotel and the beautiful garden of the Mirabell Palace and concert hall is behind the hotel. Very close to the river and the charming old city. The staff were helpful and friendly at all times. Breakfast was amazing. Truly value for money.

This bright, vibrant place is Zurich’s leading vegetarian restaurant. Its main attraction is a large salad bar, containing more than 30 different types of freshly prepared vegetables. House creations include vegetable paella, mushrooms Stroganoff, and curry colonial. There’s a vast choice of fruit juices, teas, draft beer, and wines. My favourite restaurant in the city. A paradise for vegetarians! The buffet is always delicious, the drinks are good and the ambiente is perfect. The restaurant is also known for its vegetarian Indian and Oriental specialties.

Great restaurant, excellent veggie food, lively atmosphere!

Situated in Gottlieben, Drachenburg and Waaghaus has modern rooms. It offers outdoor dining on a terrace overlooking the lake. Gottlieben Ferry Terminal is a short walk away.

Set in a half-timbered house, each room has a mix of rustic furnishings and modern décor. Very comfortable rooms.

The Drachenberg Restaurant has an old-world architecture and serves a variety of European cuisines. Restaurant Waaghaus offers à la carte specialties and is situated on the waterfront.

It is less than 5 minutes’ drive to Tägerwilen-Gottlieben Railway Station.

Breakfast was disappointing and mediocre.


Garmisch Hotel

The people that live here are envied by many. Garmisch-Partenkirchen will attract you – with its unspoilt nature, vibrancy and traditional Bavarian charm.

You will be overwhelmed by the mountains, nature and the breathtaking panorama. The local people will win you over with their warmth.kindness, openness and honesty. And finally, you’ll take unforgettable moments, memories and experiences with you. In nature. Playing sports. Or just relaxing, unwind and enjoy
Your Life.

Walk along the nature and stroll down the alleyways; with every step you’ll discover a little more of the variety the area has to offer: historical sights, interesting excursions, art and culture and exciting events.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen has a lot to offer:

– Germany’s no.1 location for winter sports
– Spa-health resort of the highest class
– Historic town centres
– World’s most modern ski jump
– Partnach Gorge – a unique natural phenomenon
– Zugspitze – Germany’s highest mountain
– Member of “Best of the Alps”
– Venue for the Alpine World Ski Championships 2011
– Winter Olympics candidate for 2018


Mount Zugspitze

You are standing on top of Mount Zugspitze, at the golden summit crucifix, at a height of nearly 3000 metres. The air is pure, the views seem endless and the panorama is breathtaking. You left behind any disturbing thoughts that you may have had in the valley. The only things around you are the sky, mighty summits and mere vastness. You are standing at the highest point of Germany – happy and inspired by the high-Alpine setting.

Mount Zugspitze (2962 m above sea level) is a part of the Wetterstein Mountain Range in the northern limestone Alps. Here, the German and Austrian mountains are joined and two of the German glaciers, Schneeferner and Höllentalferner, are here as well.

Olympic Ski Jump

Olympic Ski Jump

The first Olympic Ski Jump at Mount Gudiberg was built in 1923, in spite of the fact that the decision to hold the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen was not yet made at that time. The mountain’s steep slopes were not sufficient for the ramp and, therefore, it was necessary to build an artificial start tower that was 43 metres in height and 5 metres in width.

Over the years, the jump was modernised repeatedly. In 2007, it was replaced by a completely new building with a 100-metre long start tower. When you have reached the top, you will be 62 metres above the ground, free-floating. Thus, the construction was given the nickname “Olympic Cantilever”. Thanks to its translucent coating, the new jump blends perfectly into the surrounding snow-covered landscape in the wintertime. In the evenings, the start tower is inwardly lit, and thus becomes a fascinating light sculpture.


Historic Garmisch

is much to discover in historic Garmisch. Walk along Frühlingsstraße and the nearby alleys and listen to the histories told by the famous “Lüftl” paintings on the houses’ facades, in which you will understand them even if you do not know Bavarian.

Times long gone become alive again when you have a closer look at the traditional houses of the Werdenfels region with their richly decorated balconies as well as when you view the Biedermeier style frescoes at the Gasthof (inn). The Bavarians have a long history of decorating the exteriors of their houses and businesses with both religious and historic paintings. The structure of the homes are also amazing. Go at the right time of the year and you can enjoy the beautiful flowers trellising down off the picturesque balconies.

Partnach Gorge

Partnach Gorge

Where the Partnach River surges spectacularly through a narrow, mile-long gap between high limestone cliffs.

Get In

Garmisch is less than an hour by car from Munich. Also, trains leave to and from Munich every hour, and the (beautiful) ride lasts roughly 80-90 minutes on the local and 60 minutes on the express.

Wonderful Friends who added joy to this trip

Ramesh Juvekar-Suketu Shah-Sanjay Pandey

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